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“ Travel far enough, You meet yourself ” - David Michell

 Adventures-E is a curated selection of Global Adventure experiences constructed for you with a focus upon the highest qualities and comforts wherever – whenever

A selection of over 20 Adventure Genre drawn from throughout our world with over 1000 customized and bespoke planning and selections created by experienced adventure specialists, specific experts, and designers.

From Mountain Biking to Surfing, Walking to Riding, from Diving to Heli-Skiing, Sea Canoeing to Outer Space –

Adventures-E is pure adrenalin – total experience.

Pure Adventure – Total Luxury

Make your choices – source your opportunities via the Adventures-Enquiry form.
The world is your oyster.


When the leaders of Adventures-E surveyed the world of Adventure travel it seemed that adventure was confined to climbing the highest of mountains, hanging off cliffs and surviving Antarctica.

Whilst we thought that was great for some the reality was hundreds of thousands of travellers sought adventure in an expansive genre of interests and inspirations.

Why not develop a central portal whereby adventure travellers would source the adventures of their dreams and Adventures-E would make it happen on their behalf?


If and when they wanted Adventures-Ealso top and tail adventures with our other luxurious opportunities including E-Experiencesranging from a private island and residence with E-VILLAS to PrivateJets-E to a Phinnis through Indonesian waters with Cruises-E.

So now we are Adventures-E with over 20 Adventure genres facilitated by the knowledge, experience, and the black book of adventure connoisseurs throughout our world


The E Traveller will find a wide bespoke selection of luxury only destinations and lifestyle genre as well as valuable offerings and savings that may give you pause to re-think what it is you truly want and deserve out of yourAdventures-E  travel and lifestyle experiences, purchases and acquisitions –

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Friends of -E participants also will receive offers, tips, and targeted communications relative to your desired profile and interests.
Supported by the globally experienced and service sensitive E-Travel Concierge plus the finesse of E-Experiences with Untold Story


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